Solar Batteries in Lebanon: Which is Better – AC or DC-Coupled?

Solar batteries Lebanon

DC-coupled solar batteries in Lebanon were utilized mainly for distant power systems and off-grid residences. Indeed, inverter technology has evolved rapidly in the last decade. This evolution resulted in the development of modern AC coupled batteries. So, which is better to use – the DC or AC battery? Keep reading to discover some interesting facts about this issue.

DC-coupled Solar Batteries in Lebanon

DC-coupled solar batteries in Lebanon can be either off-grid or hybrid. The battery charges directly from a solar panel. It is connected to an inverter that converts the power from DC to AC, thus making it convenient to use in households. In addition, DC-coupled batteries are very efficient when they provide a power supply for DC appliances.

AC-coupled Solar Batteries in Lebanon

AC-coupled solar batteries in Lebanon are a relatively new advancement in grid-connected home battery storage. The AC-coupled batteries comprise a management system, a charger, and multiple lithium-battery modules. All these components constitute a single device that can be easily connected to the power supply at your house.

AC-coupled batteries are generally convenient for grid-connected households, but not off-grid installations. The main reason behind this is that the inverter is not powerful enough to supply power to the entire home off-grid. Besides that, the inverter cannot withstand excessive loads when several appliances function altogether.   

Which of the Solar Batteries in Lebanon is Better?

AC-coupled solar batteries are economical and relatively easy to install. However, they convert solar energy to electric energy in three phases as follows: AC to DC then to AC. In contrast, DC-coupled batteries are more efficient since they convert solar to electric energy one time. So, in terms of efficiency, DC-coupled batteries are better.

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