Residential Wind Turbines vs. Solar Systems

Residential Solar System Lebanon

A wind turbine is a device used to transform the kinetic energy into wind. They come in all shapes and sizes. Similar to Residential Solar System Lebanon, wind turbines help in generating green energy. Wind is an infinite source of energy. So wind turbines generate renewable energy. Residential models are used to provide electricity to a house. Industrial scale turbines, several of which are collectively mounted in wind farms, can supply power to communities.

Many have raised the question, which renewable power source is better and which should I choose? We are here to give you the pros and cons of both technologies.

Wind Turbines and Solar Systems Residential Solar System Lebanon Compared

Residential Solar System Lebanon: Source of Power

Wind turbines rely on the wind. To efficiently generate power, wind speed must exceed 12-14 km/h for it to function. When the wind is strong (50-60 km/h), it will work at full capacity. Once the speed of the wind exceeds 90 km/h; you must stop the turbines to avoid damage.

Residential Solar System Lebanon converts heat into electricity so they rely on the sun to produce power. Solar panels no longer produce energy at night. But you can still benefit from the energy they produce after sunset through net metering and solar battery storage. On cloudy days, efficiency goes down.


The average lifetime of a solar panel is about 25 to 30 years, meanwhile turbine systems last about 20 years. Nevertheless, you will probably need to change the batteries more frequently for both systems.


If homeowners want to use a wind turbine as their main source of electricity, they need to install between 5 to 15 kW of wind power capacity, which costs between CAD 19,000 and CAD 95,000. On the other hand, the cost of solar has dropped a lot in the past several years. Now, the price of a typical home system ranges from CAD 20,500 to CAD27000.


Residential Solar System Lebanon remains the best choice for locations that are not windy. In addition, they are cheaper and last longer. Browse our collection of solar systems that satisfy your every need. Contact Chabco Power.

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