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Chabco Solar offers renewable energy solutions to its customers through a wide array of products and services that require meticulous planning, engineering, construction, procurement, and maintenance. This is offered to clients on a case-by-case basis and each project is thoroughly examined on an individual level to deliver ideal solutions and guaranteed results.
Photovoltaics (from Phos, meaning light, and volta, meaning electricity) are cells that convert radiant energy into electric energy. In many parts of the world, electricity from PV systems is now cheaper than that from the national grid or other alternative sources (such as diesel generators).
Chabco Solar’s dedicated team of consultants and engineers work around the clock to guarantee each one of our clients gets the best plan to meet their financial capabilities.

Chabco Solar works with clients based on a contract set forth and approved by both parties. However, that does not mean we are not willing to adjust certain liabilities to meet your needs.

There are several different types of solar-powered pumps depending on customer needs. But primarily there are four types of solar water pumps: submersible pumps and surface pumps, direct current (DC) pumps, and alternate current (AC) pumps.

The selection is based on the groundwater level and the water source. In the case of a borewell with a water table deeper than 10-15 meters, a submersible pump is used. If it is an open well, pond, etc…, using a surface pump is better. Also, the surface pump is installed when the water level is less than 10 meters.

No. Unfortunately, solar water pumps rely exclusively on sunlight, unless a hybrid power supply is connected to the pump. The pump is thus connected to the state electricity grid or a diesel generator set after making proper adjustments in the controller. These arrangements should be made only after consulting the manufacturer of the solar water pump.

The PV and Battery System is sized to meet your power needs, and at Chabco Solar, a qualified installer will review your electrical loads and help you select the right equipment. This will vary greatly, but as a very general guide, 75 to 120 watts of solar panels are required for every 200 Ah of batteries.

Think of batteries as your gas tanks. Proper charging and limited discharging are the key to long battery life.

Yes, absolutely. Our Off-Grid systems are designed to give you an “On-Grid” feel, which will enable you to run your appliances as you wish. With the capacity of the inverters these days, you can live a normal life during the daytime as if you were connected to the grid.
Not at all. With the right equipment, the energy generated during the day is not wasted or fed back into the grid. It can be stored and used whenever needed.
Absolutely. When the grid fails or when the PV production isn’t enough the system still keeps going to ensure you never run out of power.
Chabco Solar accepts cash on delivery
Renewable energy technologies can help to offset grid-supplied electricity, reducing the demand on local utilities, decreasing the utility bills for clients, and improving the marketability of a facility.

Renewable Energy Consulting services can be provided as a stand-alone service or an integrated component of your project.

Yes. Our team of professional engineers and certified energy managers can determine and maximize the economic, technical, and practical viability of a renewable energy system for your facility.
The on-grid system works in sync with the grid, unlike inverters, there is no limitation in the grid-tied system, you can run everything off your home on the grid-tied solar system.
A grid–tied solar system consists of the following components: solar Photovoltaic modules / Panels, DC-AC grid-tied solar inverter, and an installation kit.
The main criteria used to select solar system capacity is the electricity you consume per month from your grid supply. Following our calculations, we can help you choose the right product for you.
Costs can range widely depending on factors like the age and size of your home, and the state of any existing insulation, with improvements often paying for themselves within the year.
Your options include but aren’t limited to: heat exchanger, energy conservation, heat exchanger network, and heat transfer enhancement.

The system consists of diesel Genset, Energy System management (EMS), photovoltaic system, solar inverters, and batteries.

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Providing Value To Our Clients Through Ongoing Product Innovation

With a team of seasoned architects and engineers in photovoltaic solutions, Chabco Solar delivers lower energy costs to commercial and industrial facilities alike, while maintaining a reliable electricity supply. 

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