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Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Buying Solar

Solar Panels Lebanon

Solar Panels Lebanon

Solar Panels Lebanon

What you think to be true, it is sometimes false. If you want to have a high quality of food, you have to add the suitable ingredients. Likewise, if you want to have an environment friendly, and cost- saving system, use the solar energy system. However, when it comes to buying solar, homeowners have some misconceptions about its usage. Homeowners should avoid the 5 top Solar Panels Lebanon mistakes!

Mistake 1: Not Dwindling the Energy Consumption before Resorting to Solar 

Resorting to Solar Panels is enthusiastic! Many homeowners believe that they will save costs. Therefore, they splurge on the consumption of energy. Whenever you think of having a solar panel installation, think about reducing the consumption of energy. 

Mistake 2:  Being Cheated and Deceived by Things that seem to be true

You have to pay attention!  Cheaper solar panels can deceive you!Hence, using the cheaper one will not last for a long period of time ending up paying more. 

Mistake 3: Omitting the Roof Strengths When Using Solar Panels Lebanon

The roof is the fundamental part of the homeowner. Thus, he should think about it when deciding to buy solar. For example, if you set the roof for more than 10 years, you have to check its health. Maybe it needs replacement before you launch your project.  

Mistake 4: Neglecting Insurance and Warranty of Solar Panels Lebanon

Although solar panels work for a long time, there may be unpredictable problems. As a result, homeowners forget about the expensive costs. Thus, you have to make sure about the warranty of the solar panel.

Mistake 5: Being Unaware of the Solar Loan Programs

Most contractors don’t say anything for the client about the loan programs. Avoid solar panel mistakes! Thus, the homeowner should know about Power Purchase Agreement and Pace Programs. 

 Go Solar

If you think of using Solar Panels Lebanon, contact us at Chabco Power to reduce costs. Your journey begins here! 

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