Battery Pack in Lebanon: These Items Can Power Almost Anything!

Battery Pack

The battery pack has become indispensable for nearly every home in Lebanon. The country is currently facing one of the most severe crises in the electricity sector. For this reason, people are looking for other substitutes that can supply electric power to their households and businesses. So, backup power sources like batteries were among their choices. Let us discover some of the options available in the Lebanese market.

Battery Pack

The EcoFlow Delta Mini Battery Pack

The new model of this battery pack can support charging 12 devices at the same time. Its output power ranges between 1400 and 1800 Watts. Large families, offices, or tourist groups heading on a trip can use it to power their items.

The River Mini Wireless Battery Pack

This backup power source can charge 7 devices all at once. It has a charging capacity of 210Wh and an output power ranging between 300 and 600 Watts. It is good to carry with you when going on camping trips or recreational activities. So, contact Chabco Power to order yours and enjoy multiple outdoor events with a couple of close friends.

The S2400-Monster X Power Source

The charging capacity of this battery pack is 1500Wh. It has multiple input and output ports. It is one of the best choices to use in households and large businesses. So, why not get yours from Chabco Power and benefit from a nonstop power supply to operate your devices?

The S350 Backup Power Unit

This power unit provides additional safeguards against short circuits, overload currents, overcharging, and overheating. It has a charging capacity of 288Wh. You can charge it using a solar source, such as a panel, or with an alternating current source. It also has several DC and AC voltage output ports to connect your devices.

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